About Us

Inspiring photographers to find and capture joy in everyday life.

Here at Capturing Everyday Beauty I want to focus on finding the beauty in everyday moments. Documenting memories for families (either clients or your own) in ​a non posed, real life environment. My blog focuses on publishing the work of lifestyle and documentary photographers. You don’t have have to be a professional photographer, I also accept hobbyists blog submissions as well! Submit your photos and sessions to us to be published, receive photo credit and links back to your website/social media, and most importantly inspire other photographers in the process.


Helping photographers grow their business

Capturing Everyday Beauty is not only dedicated to inspiring others to document life as we know, but is passionate about helping others succeed. As professional photographers we are supposed to be considered artists as well as business professionals. Capturing joy and following your passion of photography is the easy part, its the business side of things where people usually get stuck. Let me help you grow your business.

Meet Stephanie


Hi! I am Stephanie. The founder of Capturing Everyday Beauty and Stephanie Lynne Photography. I am an Air Force wife and mother to 2 children, 2 dogs and 2 cats.  I never use an alarm in the morning, because I have 2 toddlers who like to wake up at the crack of dawn.  I am not a morning person and have a bad habit of staying up way too late.  I don't think I would survive without starting each morning with a cup of coffee. 

 When I am not behind my lens I stay at home with my kids. Typically in between sessions and managing this blog I am wiping bottoms, making lunches and trying to avoid total meltdowns. We play a lot of hide and seek, but I always have a hard time hiding because the dogs will always follow me and give away my spot!

I have been a photography enthusiast since I was little. I was always the girl at school clicking my camera capturing memories. It’s a good thing I did, because I have an awful memory!  At the age of 16, I was working a part time position in Best Buy’s camera department. This was when digital cameras were really becoming popular and widely replacing film cameras (I’ll let you do the math on how old that makes me!)  I made it a point to learn everything I could about cameras and the art of photography. I purchased my first digital camera soon after and I have been continuing to expand my capabilities as a photographer ever since! 

In addition to always having an interest in photography I have also always had an interest in business. In 2008 I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and in 2010 I graduated with my MBA. After graduating with my bachelors and while working toward my Masters, I worked as a Sales Manager for a retailer. I liked different aspects of my job, but I had always dreamed of owning my own business. In 2012, when I welcomed my first child, I left my corporate world job and started working toward my dream job. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey to inspire others and supporting Capturing Everyday Beauty.

 Photos of Stephanie and family all thanks to Sheryl Finney Photography, Milisa Pickett Photography, and Rachel Stover Photography